Festivals are a fun part of paddling, and are typically one- or two-day events, held during the summer months. Competing teams gather in different locations for a bit of lively team rivalry.

We generally compete in up to 5 festivals each season which may include Salmon Arm, Vernon, Kamloops, the BC 55+ Games, and Penticton.  This may change for reasons beyond our control.

The club organizes accommodations (paid by you or you can arrange your own), and usually a team dinner. Team members often share rooms to keep costs to a minimum.

Attending these festivals is voluntary, but highly recommended and well worth the effort. There is a lot of fun to be had at festivals, both on and off the water. Some festivals have beer gardens, and often this is where the award ceremonies are held.  It is fabulous to bring home a little bling!

Festival Dates


Dragon Boat Festival

September 11-12, 2024

BC 55+ Games, Sicamous


Dragon Boat Festival


Dragon Boat Festival

August 10, 2024

Kamloops Dragon Boat Festival

Festival participation is optional. Festival fees are determined on a cost recovery basis and will be announced at a later date.

Festival Readiness

We encourage all club members to attend at least one festival per year. However, we understand that racing requires a certain level of fitness and the club does not want a paddler to incur an injury at a festival that could potentially impact that person’s paddling throughout the remainder of the season.

Therefore, the KIDS have developed criteria to help coaches and paddlers decide if individuals are ready to compete. 

In order to be festival ready: 

  • You have the ability to paddle at least 10 minutes without pulling in your paddle.
  • You have the ability to maintain correct timing. That means your paddle is not hindering the paddling of others.
  • You have attended at least one of the three practices immediately preceding a festival and are encouraged to attend all three practices prior to the festival.