Practice Info

Schedule Times

Tuesday & Thursday at 5:15 p.m.

Saturday 9 a.m. (changes to 8 a.m. after May long weekend)

There are no Saturday practices on long weekends or when the team is away at a festival.  

Practices normally consist of a 10-minute dryland warm up, a short coach’s corner, loading and launching the boats, and then approximately 60-75 minutes on the water.  As the season progresses, Saturday practices might be up to 90 minutes on the water.

Typical Practice

Show up at compound a few minutes early to park and have a quick visit. If it’s sunny say, “We are so lucky.” If it’s raining say, “It’s a water sport.”

Practices at the beginning of the season are a bit shorter and easier, reacquainting or introducing our bodies to the magic of dragon boat paddling.

There is always a 10-minute dryland warm-up, suitable for the ageing athlete, focusing on muscles required for paddling (all muscles) with fun music. 

The coach will have a quick talk about the focus for the practice, such as technique, strength, festival readiness.

Check your assigned boat and seat, grab your water bottle, paddle, and PFD, and take boats down to the river. Once we’re all seated, off we go!

We have a short warm up on the water, paddling on one side, followed by in-boat stretching. Switch sides and repeat. Now the real fun begins.

We have 30 minutes of drills. At the beginning of the season, these focus on technique, timing, and safety on the water. As the season progresses, strength, endurance and racing will be more of a focus. However, technique is always stressed as we want everyone to have fun and stay injury free.

We have a cool down as we return to shore, then put the boats away, and do a bit of stretching.

A hot shower, a good night’s sleep, and the desire to do it again!

Atypical Practice

Scavenger hunt, watermelon on the beach, breakfast buffet after Saturday morning practice, water fight on a hot July evening, food truck and social after practice … bring your ideas.


Our club has PFDs and paddles available for your use (included in your membership fees).

Often those who fall in love with the sport buy their own, however it isn’t a requirement.

Early in the season it can be a bit chilly, and we walk in the water to get into the dragon boat, so footwear that can get wet is best, like water shoes, or neoprene boots. Long pants and layers on the top are a good idea, keeping in mind the life jacket keeps you warm too. 

As the season gets warmer, shorts and T-shirts are best. Clothing made from quick-dry fabric works well.  Wearing items made from denim is not recommended.